A Tattoo That Made Me Think

0518pd gwin joy

While I like to consider myself as one who loves change and embraces trends, tattoos are something I’ve personally never been able to get behind. In part

its because when I was growing up tattoos weren’t especially mainstream. Unless of course you considered sailors, bikers, and criminals to be mainstream.

Mostly though, I’m not a fan because I’m easily bored and tattoos are just so darned permanent. Heck, I get tired of the same outfit after six months, so why would I want a tattoo that not only sticks around forever but often fades, withers and droops with age?

I may though have to rethink my point of view as a result of meeting an outgoing and spunky woman at a recent conference.

Sitting beside her at dinner I noticed a tattoo on the inside of her forearm written in a graceful font resembling elegant old-fashioned handwriting. I asked her about it, and learned she had it done as a result of navigating through a difficult time in her life and deciding it was an important mantra for her to live by. Having it as a tattoo meant it could serve as a constant yet gentle reminder that she always had a choice as to how she could respond to what was happening in her life.

Quite frankly I think it is one that anyone can and should embrace. Her tattoo read, “I Choose Joy”. 

While I’m still not sure I need a tattoo, its definitely one I would entertain as it would serve as an ever present prompt that we all have a choice about our lives and how we live it. In the end, why not invite and be open to a good life? Why not choose joy?

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