Shaken, Rattled and Not Sure How to Roll?

Where to now?  The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many individuals, organizations and businesses scratching their heads as to what's next. The truth is we are shaken, rattled, and not quite sure where to roll any more.  

Is the pandemic simply a pause before the resumption of business as usual? Is it a moment when we realize it’s an opportunity to do better? Or, do we chance continuing on the same path and risk the ruin or collapse that many are predicting?  Better yet, could it be that it might be an opportunity to initiate something truly innovative and transformative?  

Perhaps even more importantly, how the heck does one determine best for you as an individual as well as your organization, business, or community?

Your Four Futures

In this moment, when so much feels uncertain, the Four Futures framework is a powerful tool to help ignite thinking and possibilities for what comes next.  Review this classic tool as an option for applying strategic foresight.

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