Help for Information Overload?

 Although I am an admitted information junkie I must confess that recently I’ve suffered from a bit of data overload. Although normally I can handle it and even enjoy it, I think information is like food – best when served in reasonably-sized portions from several food groups leaving one satisfied but not stuffed.

Today it seems the amount of information is enough to choke the heartiest of eaters, even when chewed properly.

In addition to the overwhelming number of COVID-19 updates, there is a constant spew of email, texts, phone calls, meetings, newspapers, and magazines (my mother gets 5 different magazines each month and passes them on – it is both a blessing and a curse!).

What does seem clear is that curating this abundance of information is becoming much more important. So here’s our thinking. Since we want to help and have received feedback suggesting we need to focus on collecting and sharing concise, meaningful information that is inspiring, practical, and future-focused, we have a plan. 

We intend to use a 2-1-1 formula that reflects a combination of Tools, Trends, and Thoughts for Reflection. We’re kicking it off with this newsletter with 2 Thoughts, 1 Trend, and 1 Tool.

Who knows in the next update we may switch it up and share 2 Tools, 1 Thought, and 1 Trend?  

It has also become very clear that none of us can find solutions for the complexity we're dealing with if we don't work with one another. That means we want and need to hear from you and learn about any tools, thoughts, or trends you'd be interested in sharing. Ultimately, we'd like to know, What is going well? What do we need to stop doing? What should we be doing more of? 

Regardless, we’ll do our best to keep you informed with interesting and inspiring data. Stay well and stay tuned.

Warm regards,

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