Time to Refresh and Reboot the Campus



Five years ago, as the result of years of experiencing collaborative learning alongside brilliant colleagues, 

working long hours, and dipping into hard-earned savings, I took the leap and invested in building this social enterprise known as the Campus for Communities of the Future. 

While the original intent of the Campus for Communities of the Future has stayed the same, the technology has not. Thus, this launch of a new and improved version of the original start-up. Of course, its no longer a startup and perhaps better now described as a viable social enterprise entering what we hope will be a significant growth stage.

The Campus remains an online collaborative space where local leaders can connect to share their experiences, while accessing how-to’s, training (some free and some for a fee), and resources designed to inspire transformative and lasting change in neighbourhoods and communities.

But, just as it is challenging to get staff and citizens in the many sectors, organizations, governments, and businesses working together for the greater good of a community, so too is it hard work getting the many moving technical components integrated and working together to ensure an efficient and effective online portal. It took us a while.  

We definitely are proud but also a little nervous about unleashing the new and improved Campus for Communities. The mixed emotions are the result of the push and pull between wanting to making a difference, and the reality of needing to be social entrepreneurs in order to make it happen. 

Regardless, our hope is that you will join us on this learning journey by exploring and becoming part of the Campus for Communities of the Future. It remains a work-in-progress so as always, your feedback would be valued and appreciated at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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