We're Late, We're Late



Like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland we're late for a very important date. We missed our deadline.  And, has often been the case over the past 14 years, technology is the issue. As a result, our fall learning opportunities are delayed. 

Technology is a lot like communities. In both communities and technology it’s complicated because there’s no one best way of doing things, instead there are many ways.

Additionally, just as communities are made up of many silos that don't always connect or work well together, the same can be said of all the many moving components that are needed to make up a complex learning portal. The individual silos work well, but they aren't always integrated.

Beginning with a stint as a professor at Niagara College and then moving training online as I shifted into working more closely with communities some 14 years ago, the technology couldn’t do what we needed it to do – be a guide on the side rather than a talking head or sage on the stage.

Despite the valiant efforts of a dedicated team and experimentation with numerous learning platforms, we could never find one that fit within our budget while allowing us to deliver and integrate a hybrid that provided both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities and prioritized interaction among participants. Additionally, the learning platform needed to integrate with apps that would allow us the option of monetizing in order to ensure sustainability.

More recently we’ve also experimented with, and have found great success with flipping the learning. This too has provided challenges.    

The good news is that technology has been improving all the time and we think we’ve finally found a solution. That means together with transitioning the Campus for Communities to a new nonprofit organization called The Collaboration Station, we’re also totally revising our portal – again – and we’ve missed our deadline for offering courses this fall.

We’ll keep sending resources and updates but in the meantime expect to hear about our new and improved courses beginning that will begin in January 2022 - some for free, some for a fee.  Stay tuned. 


Warm regards,

Brenda Herchmer, Executive Director


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