Wanna Make a Whiteboard Explainer Video on a GoKart Budget?


In a world of increasingly complex issues, you can't always make the solutions simpler but you may need to find ways to explain and convey them in a simpler manner.  Unfortunately, as a non-profit or social enterprise there are rarely enough dollars for customized marketing tools. However, that doesn't mean it can't be done.

While fact sheets, white papers, infographics

and powerpoints are our typical go-to tools, explainer whiteboard videos always seemed like a good idea to me.  My initial research showed I may have been a bit too optimistic as prices ranged from $1200 per running minute to $15,000 plus. Of course the high end Cadillac versions typically come with professionals who produce original scripts, music, illustrations, voice overs and more. Definitely all beyond my go-cart budget but I wasn’t quite ready to give up.

Ultimately I landed on a do-it-myself version with help from a talented contractor I found on www.fiverr.com.  Fiverr is a brokering company for contractors from around the world who develop marketing materials starting at a cost of $5.00 (thus the name Fiverr). While you can buy customized marketing tools for $5, typically the cost is higher based on how much of the work you’re willing to do or in some cases what you're willing to pay.

In my case, a low budget meant low tech and a chunk of my time. I wrote the script for the 3 minute video.  And yes a professional would likely have done it better but it was after all, promoting my passion project - The Campus for Communtiies of the Future.  I then recorded the script on my phone and uploaded the audio file of the recording to the contractor on Fiverr who I had selected to do the illustrations.  Note: It is important to research carefully by reviewing the contractor's samples, testimonials, and ratings while also noting their ability to communicate clearly.   

Total cost for me ended up being $45.  A customized version would typically be much higher in cost, however the main difference is that my graphics are clipart as opposed to being customized.

Here’s the video that explains the importance of the community building which is the focus of Campus for Communities of the Future.  Feel free to be judgy but keep in mind that despite not having a cadillac budget I was able to generate an explainer video on a go-kart budget! 


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