Free Webinar March 26th: Are you a Future-Ready Commmunity Leader?



“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills”, so runs an old Chinese proverb. However, that proverb could just as easily be applied to today’s era of unprecedented change. While it is tempting to keep our heads down and continue doing what we’ve always done as an existing or emerging community leader, the reality is that there is much less risk if we ensure we are future-ready. Learn what that means as well as how you as a community leader - with or without a title -  can do more to ensure socially innovative, responsive and meaningful programs, products, services and initiatives.  

Upon completion of this webinar participants will be better able to:

1.Embrace the importance of being future-focused
2.Understand trends, edge cases, and types of change
3.Apply strategies for becoming a future-forward community leader

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