Why Community Building Training and Certification?


Our greatest learning from inspiring community leaders across the country is that communities get better when their leaders do. The transformation we're all looking for these days needs to originate from within and that means strong and prepared leaders able to think within a futures context.



What makes one a good community leader? We've learned that it means we need leaders who understand and can demonstrate such competencies as (1) serving as an agent of change, (2) who can apply big picture or systems thinking, (3) can be a catalyst for citizen engagement, (4) plan using a community development approach, (5) commit to continuous improvement, and (6) advocate for both quality of life and economic development.

More information about these competencies can be found in our free self assessment tool Understanding Yourself as a Community Leader.   

And, just to be clear, when we talk about leaders, we don't mean just those holding senior positions. We believe...everyone leads...with or without a title.

Attending an online course is easy. Meet for live interactive weekly sessions, apply the learnings in meaningful ways within your own neighbourhood or community, and then share with others on your own time!

We provide unique and practical training and coaching that results in leaders in your community who can work together to accelerate community potential for the innovation, change and growth that will ensure meaningful and responsive policies, programs, services, and events and encourage shared leadership, responsibility, and accountability. 

If you're still not convinced, read what other people are saying about our training and certification at this link.

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