Is Being Future-Ready on Your Radar?

Future ready

Today's complex health, social, economic, and environmental challenges require future-ready community leaders at all levels able to drive collective impact and large scale, transformative change.  Unless leaders are working across sectors to ensure systemic change, It will become 

increasingly challenging to help people grow and be healthy, stimulate economic growth, build strong families and communities, provide opportunities for those who are disadvantaged, protect the environment, and add to the quality of life in our communities.  In this recording, Brenda Herchmer,  the founder and Principal Colllaborator of the Campus for Communities of the Future, shares our top 13 learnings from some very wise leaders across the country. The video will facilitate a better understanding of the importance of being future-focused, articulate what needs to be changed, and demystify the how-to’s for facilitating transformative change. View the video at this link. Note: If you don't already have the Adobe Connect app on your computer or mobile device you may be asked to download it in order to view the video. It is very quick. 

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