People Show Up in Different Ways

The Windsor City Council Compensation Review Committee was disappointed that not a single member of the public showed up at a meeting this week to say whether the mayor and city councillors deserve pay raises.

George Wilkki, who sits on the committee may have arrived at an erroneous conclusion when he said,  “Apparently, it seems it’s not a concern for the taxpayer, that’s all I can make of it, even given the vacation season, you’d think there would have been at least one person in attendance and asking questions.”

Further on in the Windsor Start article another committee member noted that the committee had received 654 online submissions.

Given that the mayor receives $86,895 annually from the city, plus payments for sitting on various boards and committees his total compensation is $174,289. One would not likely be going out on a limb to suggest that among those 654 submissions there might be some opinions and concerns.


The Takeaway Learning?

People are busy. As a result, it’s no longer realistic to view face to face meetings as the preferred or even the best way was to gather information. Many citizens do want to have a say but they need to be provided with options that are efficient and effective.

Consider alternatives such as adding an audio track to a powerpoint presentation, uploading it, and sharing the link prior to a meeting. Or, circulate an online survey and use the aggregated results as a jumping off point for an online or in-person discussion. Online meetings are also an option so people can participate without leaving their homes. Technology is providing a plethora of affordable and convenient options. If you aren’t sure what’s out there, just ask someone under the age of 30. 

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