Why Community Building

three critical learnings about community wellbeingWhat’s the connection between social and economic development and leadership that focuses on community building?

We’ve learned that communities get stronger when their leaders do. And, local leadership is stronger, more relevant, and responsive when business, government, and the voluntary sector work together for collective impact and comprehensive community transformation.

These simple yet extraordinarily complex concepts require a new kind of community leadership—one focused on the future-focused leadership and system-thinking needed for transformative change grounded in collaboration, community building, and ultimately the responsive and nimble networks, webs, and meshwork required for both social and economic development.

Our focus on community leadership as the key strategy for addressing complex issues has been the result of applied research and learnings in over 60 communities across the country. This understanding of the importance of leadership in turn led to the development of frameworks, tools, resources and training that can be used by any local leader —   with or without the title — who wants to make a difference in their community.

a different kind of leadershipThe support and opportunities for learning we provide are focused on supporting leaders-at-all-levels, from all sectors, who are interested in moving from conventional to future-focused leadership.

As a result, we placed an emphasis on community building strategies that emphasize sharing power and co-creating with others, responding to root causes rather than symptoms, and openly sharing information and knowledge.

Ultimately our mission is to "facilitate active, creative, engaged communities by enhancing the ability of seasoned and aspiring leaders to work collectively to address complex community issues.“ ....because together we can transform communities!

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