Training and Certification for Community Builders

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Read more about our courses here. Attending an online course is easy. Meet for live interactive weekly sessions, apply the learnings in meaningful ways within your own organization, neighbourhood or community, and then share and learn from your cohorts on your own time!

Why is community development training and certification so important? 

Who Has Time for Learning?


We live in complex, fast-paced, constantly changing times. On some level, its no surprise to find training has become less of a priority.

It may be the result of us often equating learning with formal and sometimes irrelevant learning deliverd by a sage-on-the-stage who may sometimes have more wings than landing gear. However,it is ultimately those who are able to accept that leadership is a life-long journey of learning and subsequently make it a priority will be the ones who survive and thrive as future leaders.

Why Community Building Training and Certification?


Our greatest learning from inspiring community leaders across the country is that communities get better when their leaders do. The transformation we're all looking for these days needs to originate from within and that means strong and prepared leaders able to think within a futures context.

Making Use of Technology to Engage Participants

Learn how Participatory Video can be used to engage participants in identifying and analyzing key issues and opportunities in their community. 


New Site Launch

We're excited to share with you our new learning portal here at Campus for Communities of the Future!

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