Next Community Building Course Begins Feb 10 2020

Same Old, Same Old? Time for a New Approach?

Organizations and communities are often doing things the same way they’ve been doing them for years. This is happening despite rapid change, complex issues, and futurists suggesting the "future is local". It is becoming increasingly clear that the communities positioned to thrive will be those investing in the community building that will ensure trusted relationships, networks, and opportunities for "meshwork". 

Today we all need to be doing more to ensure:  

  • Citizen Engagement
  • Collective Impact
  • Transformative Change
  • Whole System Planning
  • Cross Sectoral Collaboration
  • More Innovation

So How Do We Make that Happen?

Leaders at all levels, with or without the formal title, will need competencies based on new skills, frameworks, resources, and promising practices if they are to provde the community building that will maximize opportunities for engaging citizens, collective impact, and community transformation.  

As a social enterprise committed to supporting the development of strong, vibrant, and innovative communities, the Campus for Communities is addressing this unmet need by providing practical and meaningful training opportunities grounded in the development of competencies for community leadership. 

What Have Previous Participants Said About Our Training?

"Best course I have ever taken! The assignments really solidified my learning." -- Campus Alumni

"Your courses made 'something' click for me. A lot has come together...the materials presented and the order you brought to the process of community development and community building is invaluable to me."  -- Joe Antone, London 

"Fantastic course for anyone looking to make a change in their community. Awesome perspective and learnings from other participants across Canada." -- Campus Alumni

More testimonials can be found here.



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