The Planning Framework


Want to make a difference? Looking for some practical advice and direction to help make it happen?

Of prime importance are leaders who can engage citizens, businesses, community organizations, elected officials, and government to work collectively to develop and implement a vision and plan. When trusted relationships are in place among diverse stakeholders, and change and growth are embraced, the end results include inspirational direction, innovation, and ideally, transformational change.

While there are some people who are intuitively able to apply this kind of community building approach that is essential for being a future-focused leader, there are others who may need more of a roadmap. And yet, as almost any map will show, there is typically more than one, and often many different routes to get to a more specific destination. Today this is made even more challenging because we’re often planning for a future that doesn’t yet exist.

So for those who need a map, this framework provides a sure way to get to build the trusted relationships and buy-in that are needed to help you get where you want to go.

For those who already have experience in community-led planning, we anticipate this will help explain what you’re already doing, as well as provide you with many tools to help expand and enhance your own toolkit.

The 10 Step Planning Approach for Future Focused Leaders reflects a ‘tried and true”, well-tested, generic planning framework that can be used to initiate and implement any kind of plan – from planning for a program or event, to planning on a more macro level for a neighbourhood or even an entire community, county or region. It is designed to ensure planning that reflects (1) community or stakeholder-led development, (2) systems-thinking and (3) strategic foresight

Each of the ten steps in the planning frameworkinclude a variety of facilitative techniques and tools that can be used to implement that particular step.

In many ways this planning framework could be compared to a collection of "recipes" that can be used as presented, or customized and combined using the available "ingredients" for a specific occasion or situation. As with any recipe book, there are likely to be recipes that may not initially appeal to a specific user. As a result, you are encouraged to work with others to select the tools you deem as being the best fit and are most comfortable implementing. However, experimentation and expanding one's comfort zones is also recommended.

It will be challenging, chaotic, and sometimes messy but it will be the most exhilarating, essential and rewarding work you’ve ever done!