Developing Outcomes & Measures

Other Ways To Explain Outcomes:

  • What benefits or changes are there for stakeholders during or after their involvement with this initiative, project, event, organization, or coalition?

  • The changes could be new knowledge, new skills, changed attitudes or values, improved conditions, modified behaviours, or status

  • The measurable results of your efforts to accomplish your intent and core purpose

  • What are the desired ends?

  • What will be achieved?

  • What difference would it make if this didn't happen?

  • What's in it for your stakeholders?

  • Helps determine where you fit within the pursuit of broader community goals and priorities

  • May be different from what you are currently delivering

  • Needs to be done so programs, services, events, facilities etc can be prioritized within the context of broader public good

  • Outcomes answer the question, 'So what?'

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