Sample Long Term Broad Community Outcomes

  • communities are stronger - capacity is increased

  • people live longer

  • people know and help their neighbours independent living is prolonged

  • residents express pride in their community

  • reduced risk of coronary heart disease and stroke

  • lowered healthcare costs

  • enhanced overall well-being

  • reduction in costs of social service intervention

  • contribution to child and youth development are increased

  • reduced police, justice, and incarceration costs

  • adults helped to develop full potential

  • improved work performance

  • life-long learning promoted

  • community viewed as attractive to businesses

  • spirituality exploredtourism increased individual self esteem and positive self image

  • improved employment generatedsatisfaction levels

  • enhanced perceived quality of life improved

  • property values increased

  • reducition in self-destructive behaviour

  • ecological integrity protected

  • reduction in crime

  • air quality improved racism reduced environmental education embraced

  • reduction in isolation and loneliness

  • protection against environmental disaster

  • families are strengthened and energy is saved

  • more leaders are produced

  • environmental stewardship is encouraged

  • social skills are improved

Create Outcomes that

  • Are realistic and achievable (may be a challenge)

  • Will indicate a catalytic change at the divisional level

  • Show a noticeable impact in the strategic area

  • Working towards it will inspire commitment and action

  • Require action at the cross-sectoral or cross-agency level (involves many aspects and organizations)

16 Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (1997). The Benefits Catalogue. Gloucester, ON.

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