Dotmocracy Ranking And Variations

"Dot"mocracy is a simple and quick means for a group of stakeholders or individuals representing different interests or perspectives to establish a single or multiple priorities; applies equally to issues or problems, actions, and solutions.

sticky dots

It encourages collaboration and group cohesion; identifies priorities for action; refines lists; physically and mentally engages participants; prompts discussion/identification of who as well as what;



When it is important to prioritize ideas or focus the energy of a group on fewer ideas, post the list in a central location. Distribute three different-coloured or different-sized adhesive 'dots' to participants. Designate one colour or size as 'keep', the second for 'maybe' and the third for 'not a priority'. Set a time-limit for participants to complete their 'dot voting'.


'Weight' voting - the facilitator distributes three or four 'dots' to each participant and asks participants to 'vote' for their top two or three choices. The facilitator can extend the range of feedback (and insights) by limiting the number of dots for any one choice to a maximum of two or three dots, for example, or limit the extent of the weighting to allow participants to place all four dots on any one choice.


'Ranking' - by distributing a limited number of dots of different colours and/or sizes, the facilitator can instruct participants to identify first, second and third priorities for action, (or more).

Option D: 

Any combination or permutation of the above.