Program or and Event Planning Checklist




To implement your program or event, begin by answering the following questions. Note that not every question will be applicable to every program or event.






€        What is the program?

€        How long it will run?

€        When?

€        Where?

€        What equipment and supplies are needed?

€        Who will be leading?

€        Who does the paperwork?

€        What are the costs?

€        What kind of promotion will be used?

€        What’s the back-up plan?





€        Recruit leaders.

€        Recruit volunteers.

€        Provide necessary training and information.

€        Inform necessary people that the program is happening.

€        Acknowledge volunteers.






€        What facility will be used?

€        Who books the facility in advance?

€        Who will open/lock facility?

€        Who cleans up?

€        What if something gets broken?

€        Is there appropriate insurance?

€        What if there is a fire?

€        What if someone gets hurt?

€        Is the facility available when needed?

€        Is there enough space?

€        Is it suitable space?

€        Clean up.





€        Gather equipment.

€        Improvise with available resources.

€        Borrow.

€        Purchase.

€        Determine a method to track equipment.

€        Record equipment condition.

€        Ensure it’s available when needed.

€        Return all supplies and equipment.





€        Prepare budget.

€        Examine costs for travel, equipment, meals, accommodations, facility rental, etc.

€        Review funding resources including recreation budget, grants, donations, council, community organizations, fees.

€        Thank sponsors and funders.

€        Complete financial statement.





€        Create and distribute flyers, posters, brochures, etc.

€        Announce on social media, radio, school, post office, stores, townhall, band office.

€        Use word of mouth.

€        Be sure to remove posters when event is over.





€        Confirm travel arrangements when bringing instructors into the community.

€        Determine who will meet visitors.

€        Arrange visitor accommodation.





€        Determine how you will measure success.

€        Develop evaluation strategies.

€        Evaluate.

€        Complete project report/evaluation

€        Celebrate successes.