Template For A Community Strategic Plan

Title (and any other necessary identifying information)


    • Planning History
    • Community Assessment

Mission or purpose (as succinct as possible)

Outcome-based vision (may include vignette or story imagining what could be)

Values (core understandings about how our community operates) I.e., respect, security, honesty, safety, involvement, accountability, equality)

Principles (values translated into more specific behaviours)

    • Balanced development that ensures environmental preservation
    • Community-driven planning that ensures and integrates all voices.
    • Growth reflects holistic well-being (mental, spiritual, physical).

Goals (big-picture constants; community priorities that remain the same from year to year) i.e., health & well-being, community pride, safety and security, transportation, housing

Outcomes or Benefits (what will be gained by attaining those goals) i.e., longer life expectancy: greater understanding between cultures; reduced costs for health care, social services, crime prevention, justice; protected green spaces; safe parks; connected trails and sidewalks; improved water quality

Strategies (specific initiatives that will help to achieve community goals) I.e., Communities in Bloom, shared bike fleet, integrated land use planning, expanded cultural activities, housing for elders

Note: For each strategy, write a mini-plan repeating the categories above with content more focused to the specific initiative:

  • Context (history, need, opportunity)



    • Vision (relevance/relationship to umbrella vision, perhaps incorporating icons)
    • Outcomes (what will be gained, perhaps incorporating icons)
    • Strategies (what must be done to achieve the intended outcomes)
    • Action steps (specific activities supporting those strategies)
    • Timelines (when each activity needs to be accomplished)
    • Resources required (dollars and other resources required)
    • Roles (who will do what)



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