A Planning Process Step 01 - Ignite And Invite Others To Participate


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Step OneA community development planning process typically begins in one of two ways. The first is a crisis that becomes the impetus for action. The second is general discontent and the identification of gaps, needs, issues, or trends that aren't being addressed. There is a sense that things either aren't working, or could be working better, and that change is required.

Questions are being asked by those who are often referred to as the 'early risers' or 'early adopters'. What assets can we build on? What can be done better? What is it that's falling between the cracks? What can be strengthened in the community for greater benefit? How can sectors or silos work together more effectively?

Those raising the issues and questions may be elected officials, citizens, government staff, community organizations, or representatives of the business sector. Regardless of the specifics, they are community. leaders (who may not even see themselves as leaders) who are interested and committed to addressing real needs, issues, or trends rather than simply reacting to symptoms.

One or more of these community leaders typically ignites a discussion and invites others (often other early risers or early adopters) to plan. This small group may serve simply to get things started, secure funding or generate political action. However in some cases they may evolve to become a change management team or steering committee for the resulting initiative.

So how does one ignite the discussion that needs to happen? This section will provide some ideas and specific tools for igniting and inviting others to participate.


Here below are all the tools associated with Step One:


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