Position Or 'Point Of View' Paper

A position paper or 'point of view' paper presenting viewpoints or positions is sometimes a good place to start if a need, issue, gap, or trend has been identified. The goal of the paper is to convince the reader that the opinion or viewpoint being presented is valid, defensible, and worthy of action.

The paper should address all sides of the issue and present it in a manner that is easy for the target audience to understand.

A position paper typically includes:

  • An introduction to the topic
  • Provides background on why it is important
  • Provides a view on the subject
  • Summarizes opposing opinions and support
  • Refutes the counterclaims
  • Provides evidence for the argument
  • Asserts the views being presented
  • Provides support and research from a variety of sources to support the view being presenting
  • Restates the position
  • Suggests a plan of action and vision for change

Another way to think about it:

1.Where are we now?
2.Why is it so complicated?
3.What happens if we fail to act? 
4.What needs to happen?
5.What actions do you as a community leader need to take?
6.What will you gain as the result of this change? 

Once this paper has been completed it can be used as a catalyst for planning i.e. via the media, enclosed in an invitation.

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