Art Exercises

  1. Ask people to sketch a portrait of themselves and then explain it to the group. Options: draw a picture of what they wish to gain from the group, draw a picture of themselves with one hand pointing to things they can contribute, and one hand pointing to things they wish to learn.
  2. Ask each group member to draw how he/she perceives him/herself in relation to the group. Do this at different intervals in the development/maturity of the group and then get the group to look at their pictorial depiction of their forming, storming, norming process. This is also a good activity for drawing out the more reticent people in a group.
  3. Ask the group to make a collage to depict ideas or concepts. Have lots of pictures, magazines, etc. available. For example, ask a group to depict their ideas for their future strategies and direction. The resulting collage may be a powerful discussion tool for the whole group and result in the generation of lots of new ideas!

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