Horror And Success Stories

Suggested Group size: Pairs, Trios or groups (maximum size = four.)

Prepare several colourful flip charts. Half of them should have the heading 'Horror Stories' and the other 'Success Stories' with relevant graphics. You may want to use computer-generated clip art.

When the session is scheduled to begin, divide the participants into groups. Ask them to draw on their own experiences and identify horror/success stories related to course content. Ask them to write an amusing title for each 'story' and a few short bullet points describing each one. Encourage each participant to identify at least one story. As more participants arrive, explain the exercise and ask them to join groups that are already working. After you have reviewed the agenda, ask participants to return to their flip charts for another minute or two and write the topic from the agenda for which each story is relevant. During the meeting ask participants to share their success and horror stories as introductions to or examples of specific topics on the agenda. You can also use these stories during transitions, after breaks, and during summaries.

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