Short Case Studies

Suggested Group Size: Pairs, Trios or Groups (maximum size = four.)

Preparation: Prepare one or two case situations (maximum two pages) that are directly relevant to meeting content. Use large font and incorporate graphics. For each case study, prepare two to four questions that are directly relevant. Ideally, participants should be asked to read these cases as pre-work. If this is not possible, then place one case per participant on the participants' table.

Instructions: When the course is scheduled to begin, play quiet music. Give participants three to five minutes to review the cases and highlight any information that is relevant. Then, form pairs, trios or small groups and ask the groups to record their answers to the case study questions on flip charts. As the other participants arrive, describe the exercise and ask them to join groups that are already working. When the exercise is completed, play lively music and ask participants to circulate and read the other groups' answers to the topics that will be covered during the session.

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