Three Common And One Unique

Groups of 4 - 6 participants. One person is chosen as scribe and needs something to write on and something to write with. Instructions:

    • Your group has 5 minutes to find 3 things each member of the group has in common with the others (other than we are all breathing or all in the same place right now.)

    • one thing unique about each of you, meaning unique to the group, not the world. Example: if there is only one member who is an only child that is unique to the group. Only one person has a Mac Computer? That's unique.

Variation: people chart the common aspects in a circle in the middle of a sheet of newsprint, and the unique ones (more than one unique characteristic is an option) on spokes emanating from the central circle. At the end of 5 minutes (you can be flexible), ask the scribe of each group to share the results. This works with people who don't know each other as well as with people who do.

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