Tough Questions

Suggested Group size: Trios or Groups (maximum size = five)

Preparation: Place oversized, florescent post -it notes or index cards on the participants' tables.

Instructions: When the session is scheduled to begin, form groups. Ask each group to identify all of the 'tough questions' they want answered by the end of the session. Ask participants to write only one question per post-it note or card. As other participants arrive, explain the exercise and ask them to join groups that are already working. After the course agenda is reviewed, ask the participants to work in their groups for another minute or two, to identify the area to which the question pertains and label their cards.

Debrief: Questions can be debriefed in several ways. Before you finish a section of the session, ask participants to look at their cards and ensure that all questions have been answered to their satisfaction. Take time to answer and questions that have not been addressed sufficiently.

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