Understanding Your Community Leadership Style Assessment

If community leadership is the art of ensuring direction and focus for the energy and talent of others who want to make a difference in their community, then each and every one of us is a community leader and leadership needs to happen at all levels.

Being able to build a dynamic team—a group of individuals capable of pulling smoothly in the same direction—is especially important for community leaders wanting to ensure collective impact and ultimately transformative change. As such, it requires understanding that people are different and, while differences are essential for innovation and change, they can also create tension if the differences aren't understood and valued.

Every successful community development initiative requires a team with a variety of skills and abilities, approaches, and leadership and communication styles. It is important to align staff and volunteers to the tasks at hand but also to ensure a balance of complementary skills and strengths. This exercise can help you be conscious of, and better understand, not only your own approach to work and interpersonal relationships, but also those of others. It is also intended to enhance motivation, as well as help you gain insights that will reduce complications and frustrations arising from differences. Of course it is not possible to divide the entire population into four leadership styles, so this assessment should be considered a guideline to understanding rather than an exact science. 

Leadership Style Inventory.pdf   (Full Version of the Assessment)

Leadership Styles Mini Version.pdf   (Mini Version when time is limited)

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