Eight Techniques For Creating A Vision

  1. In small groups, participants use crayons or markers, clay or other found objects to draw visual representations of the ideal for their initiative, organization or community

  2. Have a facilitator use guided imagery techniques (darkened room, closed eyes, comfortable seating) to lead participants on a journey through a future day in their community

  3. Participants can imagine they are being interviewed by a writer for a magazine feature or write a point form article or news release to attract newcomers to the community of the future (10 years from today)

  4. Describe the future environment in which your organization will operate. Then describe your organization in this new environment

  5. Invite participants to write down 10 words they'd like people to use when describing the community

  6. List current problems and challenges in the community, then describe it with these issues resolved

  7. Prepare a presentation to educate others about your organization. Assume the presentation is taking place five/ten years from now.

  8. Initiate an exercise called 'If I were King/Queen' to generate ideas for the changes participants would make if they had the power to make any changes

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