Imagine Your Community

Encourage participants to work individually, then as pairs, then as a larger group to imagine their community the way they would like it to be. Write out ideas. Don't worry about how they sound. This is like a personal brainstorming session--get everything in your head out on paper without judging it. You can clarify and focus later. Use some of the questions below to help you think or make up your own questions:

  • What does your community look like physically? What kind of buildings are there? What kind of public spaces? Is it safe to walk around it during the day and at night?
  • What kind of work do people do? Who has what kind of jobs? Do people like their work? Why?
  • How do people get along with each other? Do people from different groups communicate and get along? Do younger and older people have contact and good relationships with each other?
  • How do decisions get made? Are things fair for different groups? Does every group have a fair say? Are many people involved in sharing their ideas and solving problems?
  • What do families look like? Do people within families get along? Are there places where women and men can get help if they need it? Is there child care available? Do neighbors help each other? Do single people feel there is a place for them in the community?
  • Where do people play? Do people in the community go to recreational events together? What possibilities are there for young people, old people, and everybody in between?

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