The Boulding/Ziegler Model

This model, developed by Elise Boulding and Warren Ziegler, involves taking a group of up to 100 people and inviting them to all move in their imaginations to a more peaceful world 20 (or 50) years hence. 'Think about what it is like in this peaceful world, what life is like - from what the news is to how you do your shopping.' After some individual visioning, they would break the crowd into groups of 3 - 5 and participants would take turns focusing on one person, asking them questions, helping them get their vision really solid and clear, and then helping them get it articulated in a written paragraph. Then they'd move on to the next person in the group - until they'd all gotten something written up.

Then everyone would post their future-descriptions around the room and there'd be a long break while people read each other's descriptions. After the break people would reconfigure in groups of individuals whose visions were similar. This time they'd move together in their imaginations to their more-or-less-shared future and work up detailed collective scenarios. Then, together, they'd remember what had happened over the years since this very workshop that led to their chosen future, with particular attention on what they did following the present-time workshop to bring their chosen future about. All this 'remembering,' of course, was going on in their imaginations. Then they'd transform themselves into an action group to plan and do those things needed to bring about that future.