Values Auction

A values auction is a fun activity for encouraging participants to identify and prioritize personal and/or group values.


Objective/s: Fun tool that facilitates, in a short time period, a group or individual's primary values; those that generate the most bidding are likely those most prized by participants; to verify this premise this activity is an effective lead-in to a participant ranking exercise.





    1. If the group is large, or you are facilitating for group values, ask participants to pair up


    1. Ask participants/pair to select their top five values from the displayed list or handout


    1. Advise participants they have a total of $100 to spend in the auction, and the most anyone can spend on a single value is also $100. Before the auction begins, give participants about 5 minutes to develop a bidding plan. (For example, participants have to decide if they will bid their whole $100 on just one value, or spread the money around. Do they wait for a 'prime' value to hit the auction block, or bid on everything? Do they open the bidding high on the values they have chosen, or start low?)


    1. Each value will be auctioned off, one at a time. The value will be awarded to the highest bidder.


    1. After the auction, if you have money left over, you can 'purchase shares' in other values, up to the maximum you have left



To assist in this process, you may want to consider displaying a list of values (or attributes of a healthy community), for example: prosperity, nature, wisdom, morality, loyalty, diversity, culture, arts, community, family, friendliness, health, hope, justice, accessibility, pleasure, etc.



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