Writing Values & Principles

Use a sentence stem like:


'Our value is - , therefore in relation to - (our community, our organization, our stakeholders, or our member agencies, we - (The guiding principle falls out of the last clause.)


Example 1:
Our value is 'the individual first', therefore in relation to our organization,first and foremost, each individual has value.


Example 2:
Our value is 'Service: We have a strong commitment to serving our community.' Our principle in relation to customers is that basic municipal services will be accessible to all residents.


Guiding principles can be written in relation to each value or as separate items.


A key point to think about when writing a guiding principle is that it is broad enough to encompass what needs to be covered, and clear enough that people can measure their actions against it. (i.e. in example #2, each employee can develop assessment methods to determine if their services are accessible to all residents.)


Possible examples for Youth Mentoring:


Value: Commitment to Mentoring



    • Our value is 'Commitment to Mentoring'; therefore as members, we will act in accordance with the accepted framework and best practices of mentoring.


    • We will provide an advocacy and leadership role for our agency members.



Value: Sharing and Collaboration



    • Input from youth, agency members, the community, and all of our partners will be valued.



Value: Trust and Openness



    • We will create and maintain excellent and open relationships with our agency members, partners, sponsors and the community.



Value: Continuous Learning



    • (in relation to staff and consultants) We will contract the services of responsible and competent people who create an environment of trust and teamwork and who continuously learn, communicate and improve while striving to be the best in their function.



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