Objective, Reflective, Interpretive and Decisional (ORID) Questions for Evaluating

It's time to review and renew your activity or initiative. At least once a year, your organization benefits from discussing your project, initiative, or organizational plan. Hold a renewal meeting to reflect on the successes and challenges over the past year. Set new goals and outcomes, and develop new strategies and action plans. Be inspired and energized by what you have achieved.

The following questions are useful to help you review your activity or initiative.


Objective Questions:

  1. What have we already completed from our original plan?
  2. What has happened since we started implementing this plan - events, actions, and accomplishments?
  3. What steps in our existing plan do we need to complete?
  4. What parts of our plan have not been completed?
  5. What new information do we have regarding the plan?
  6. What events or changes have affected our implementation?

Reflective Questions:

  1. What are you happy about in terms of what you have accomplished from your plan?
  2. What concerns you about the implementation of our plan?
  3. What do you still feel is important?
  4. What excites you? 

Interpretive Questions:

  1. What parts or elements of this plan do we still need to complete?
  2. Which parts of the plan do we need to reconsider?
  3. Which parts are most critical to complete?
  4. Given that we are limited in time and resources, now that we have additional priorities, which parts can we reasonably complete?
  5. What new elements do we need to add to our plan? 

Decisional Questions:

  1. What do we need to include in our revised plan?
  2. What steps can we take to ensure completion of our outcomes?
  3. When will we need another mid-course check?


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