Facilitator Fairy Tales

Developed by Andrew Rixon and Simon Kneebone the idea is to use the format of fairy tales to tell the story of a community, organization, or initiative. Because the concept of a fairy tale is so well known, it is a technique that is deceptively simple yet powerful. 

If asked 'How does a fairy tale begin?' a group always knows it will be 'Once upon a time - '. And similarly, 'How does a fairy tale end?' the reply comes back 'And they all lived happily ever after'. 

The fairy tale genre makes it simple to invite others to explore and portray their experience, either imagined or real within the form a fairytale.

The resulting stories collected will hold a power and wisdom for many readers because they will touch on challenges, obstacles, and key wisdoms.

For more information see www.babelfishgroup.com

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