Participatory Reflection and Evaluation

Consider the following participatory evaluation discussions and results:


1. What happened? (share observations and stories)

 So what? (look for insights and learnings)

 Now what? (plan for change)  


2. Tell a story that illustrates…how has this experience made a difference in our lives, work, or community?


3. What do we see that as being different as the result of this initiative?


4. Who is coming to our activities? Who is not coming? What might we change to reach out more?


5. Why do I participate in this group? How well are my personal goals being met? What could improve things?


6. What do we see that is different since we began, in terms of:


 Types of activities?

 Types of participants?

 Willingness to volunteer for tasks?


7. What helps? & What gets in the way?


8. What are the big rewards? and What are the big challenges?


9. What should we:

 Stop doing?

 Keep doing?

 Start doing

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