The 'Addie' Game

Addie is an acronym for Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate: most problems can be resolved with this approach.


  1. Organize participants into small groups

  2. Present a brief, relevant problem scenario; for example 'City Council is planning to close all city arenas, pools, and seniors' recreation centres, and restrict public access to parks to weekday use.'

  3. Ask the groups to analyze the problem, first ruling out the potential it is a training (i.e. skill) problem

  4. Within each group, perform a short task analysis: 'Who is affected by this proposal?'

  5. Each group will design a plan to address either the immediate and/or long-term impacts

  6. Each group will then develop an activity (meeting, media campaign, protest march) that will resolve a particular aspect of the larger problem

  7. Group members will then implement the activity (or a model of it)

  8. Participants will evaluate the activities

Note: Facilitators can lighten the mood by giving a reward (i.e. candy) to the groups with the most innovative or creative, effective, humourous, etc.
based on the participants' voting.

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