Community Asset Inventories

Community asset inventories are a tool with which to assess what assets a community possesses by asking questions such as: How many organizations, businesses, public institutions, religious institutions, schools exist? How much of the land is owned by community members and how much is owned by outsiders? What are the revered spaces in the community - that local corner store or barbershop where people hang out and talk while they are getting their coffee or their hair trimmed, or the park with the gym set and basketball court that is used at least 12 hours a day?

Developing an inventory of the community's assets in a participatory process will help participants to understand the diversity of their community and what people consider important to life in the community.

There are simple ways to obtain this information and a number of guides that offer help. The best thing about this process is that everyday citizens can engage in it themselves and get to know their neighbours at the same time.