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Begins October 22, 2019


Began January 21st, 2019


Begins April 8, 2019



About Our training

Online | In-Person

Trusted relationships, and collaborative and interlocking networks and webs are an essential foundation if we are to grow our capacity to do the meshwork that will be essential for building on our strengths and addressing neighbourhood and community challenges.

The transformation we're all seeking needs to originate from within and that means strong and prepared leaders able to think within a futures context.

Additionally, it is essential that local citizens are seen as the experts able to build on their community's assets and aspirations. Ultimately it's about the leaders in each community being strong, we've learned that training for a local cohort of leaders is the first and most important investment.And, when we talk about leaders, we don't mean just those holding senior positions. We believe... everyone leads...with or without a title.

Our mission

A Steady Pace

Attending an online course is easy.  Meet for live, interactive weekly sessions  then apply the learnings in meaningful ways and interact and share with others on your own time!

Our mission

Personal & Easy

If you'd rather have us come to you, we can do that too! Keynotes, workshops, conference sessions, and retreats are all possibilities. 

We provide unique and practical training and coaching that results in leaders in your community who can work together to:

  • accelerate community potential for innovation, change and growth
  • ensure meaningful and responsive policies, programs, services, and events
  • encourage system-thinking and shared leadership, responsibility, and accountability

What People Say About Our Training

For me this course demystified the concept of community development, pulled it from the clouds, and put it on the ground. It's a process, and you get these concepts grounded and the skills you need to be a leader.

We adopted community development strategies drawn directly from this webinar program -- built trusting relationships, applied holistic systems thinking, engaged many sectors of the community and invested them with a true sense of ownership.

I loved the webinars and especially the fact that we could view them later if we missed them. I found myself totally focused - not sure if it was the delivery, material or both but it sure worked for me.

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