Community Development for Practitioners Course



This certificate provides an extensive practice-based learning opportunity for those interested in facilitating collective impact and transformation in their neighbourhoods or communities. This is geared toward practitioners who will be in a position to operationalize the community building work that will strengthen leadership, innovation, and collaboration using a community development process, tools, and resources.

It is important to note that certification in “Community Building Foundations” is a prerequisite for those wanting to be certified in “Community Development for Practitioners”. However anyone can register and take any one or more of the modules. 

Upon completion of this certificate, participants will have:

  • enhanced knowledge and skills as community builders;
  • an understanding of how to work with stakeholders to address issues, trends, group dynamics, models, and the use of models and tools for community development, community building, and comprehensive community transformation, and;
  • opportunities for ongoing growth and development as the result of training, reflection, and connecting with a network of other interested in community building.

Target Audience:

This certification is ideally suited for those wanting to enhance their community development competencies or for those seeking consistent skills, knowledge, and attitudes among government and non-profit staff, volunteers, consultants, and contractors who will be in a position to operationalize community building work using a community development philosophy, methodology, tools, and resources.

Learning Options and Cost:

  • 10 modules (1.5 hours each), a number of specific and practical assignments (6), and reflection within an online CoP (Community of Practice) to promote peer to peer learning and knowledge transfer
  • if you miss a webinar, access to the recording will be provided
  • generally taken via online webinars at a cost of $50 for each webinar
  • in some cases, face to face workshops may also be an option

Note: There are some options for supporting self-directed learning or busy schedules. For example rather than choosing to participate in the live webinar, a participant could instead watch the recorded videos when they choose. Additional background resources and readings are also available within the Campus Learning Centre.

Time Commitment:

Webinars are 1.5 hours in length and run over a 10-15 week period. Additionally, in some cases there are readings and resources provided each week (accessed via the Learning Centre) for review. Participants are also encouraged to participate in online forums and share exchanges with their peers. Live participation in all of the webinars is recommended.  

Testing and Certification:

  • testing is optional for all participants but it is a requirement for receiving the actual certification 
  • for certification, participants will select one group, initiative, or network to work with throughout the course
  • they will then work with that group to complete 6 different assignments over the period of the course
  • these are practical applications related to the module learnings and relate specifically to community development 
  • testing and certification cost is $400


  • CD101 Working With Community Groups (January 21st)
  • CD102 Understanding Change and its Relationship to CD (Janury 29th)
  • CD103 Are We Making a Difference: The Key Role of Outcome Measurement (February 4th)
  • CD104 Essentials for Finding and Keeping Quality Volunteers (February 11th)
  • CD105 Tools for Planning Using a Community Development Approach (February 25th)
  • CD106 Marketing and Branding for Community Builders (March 4th)
  • CD107 Introduction to Social Media (March 11th)
  • CD108 Trendwatching (March 18th)
  • CD109 Telling Our Stories: Introduction to Research and Evaluation (March 25th)
  • CD110 Supporting Collective Impact and Community Transformation (April 1st)

Register for the January 2019 Full Course or One or More of the Above Modules

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