Community-Led Development

Starts November 18 2019 

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PHASE 2:  MOBILIZING Capacity for Community-Led Development 

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Community-Led Development is a certified course providing an extensive practice-based learning opportunity for those interested in facilitating or coaching for collective impact and transformative change in their neighbourhoods or communities. Using a flipped-learning approach, this is geared toward practitioners who will be in a position to operationalize the community building work that will move beyond one's own sector to partner and collaborate with others in order to strengthen leadership, innovation, and collaboration using a community development process, tools, and resources.

Note: Certification in “Community Building Fundamentals” or “Foundational Community Building” is a prerequisite for those wanting to be certified in “Community-Led Development.

Upon completion of this certificate, participants will have:


Note: There are some options for supporting self-directed learning or busy schedules. For example rather than choosing to participate in the live webinar, a participant could instead watch the recorded videos when they choose. Additional background resources and readings are also available within the Campus Learning Centre.


Webinars are 1.5 hours in length and generally run one per week. Additionally, in some cases there are readings and resources provided each week (accessed via the Campus Learning Centre) for review. Participants are also encouraged to participate in online forums and share exchanges with their peers. Live participation in all of the webinars is recommended.  


Phase 2 Community Building