Facilitating Community Transformation

Starts September 28 2020

Phase 3:  MAXIMIZE Capacity for Innovation and Systems Change 

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Course Description

Communities, organizations, and their leaders can no longer rely on external ‘experts’ to provide a clear map to the future. Instead they must work with an extensive network of diverse stakeholders to identify and build on their own assets to ensure locally-developed, owned and implemented solutions. At the same time, they must find ways to expand their ability to learn from one another and from the world around them. This community building process requires a different kind of leader – with or without a title – who can serve as a coach to guide and support others in identifying and achieving their goals. As such, these community coaches will play an increasingly valuable role in supporting the innovation, relevancy, and sustainability that is essential for both quality of life and economic development. Coaching for Community Transformation is a certified course providing an extensive practice-based learning opportunity for those ready to move beyond their existing organizational mandate to facilitate innovation and transformative growth and development at the broader systemic level. In other words, this course will provide the how-to’s, practical learnings, and tools for the transformative change at the neighbourhood or broader community or regional-wide level that will be essential for addressing complex social, environmental, and economic issues and opportunities. A flipped-learning approach will be utilized in order to facilitate peer to peer learning as the learnings are applied in participants’ environments.

Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this certificate, participants will be better able to:

  • serve as a coach able to engergize and mobilize multiple stakeholders in positive community change
  • support committees, groups, and networks in the use of frameworks and tools that encourage community-led development
  • help community institutions become learning organizations

Additional Details:

  • 5 modules provided in live, interactive webinars and discussions (face to face workshops may also be an option). Note: If you are unable to make all dates, the webinars are recorded and available for you to view on your own time.
  • learnings are reinforced with a variety of activities (videos, readings, discussion forums, resources and tools, activities, assignments applied in real settings etc.)
  • cost is $50 per webinar ($250) plus testing and certification fee of $250. Total Course Fees $500.

Time Commitment:

Webinars are 1.5 hours in length and typically run for 5 consecutive weeks.

Flipped Instruction:

This course will be delivered using a ‘flipped instruction’ approach. In  essence this refers to reversing what we have typically thought of as ‘class time teaching’ with that of ‘homework’. That means participants will watch videos or podcasts and listen (or read) prior to the webinar.  In other words, the homework is done before the class begins. The result is that class time can be spent working collaboratively to share reflections and resources, tackle challenges, collaborate, and problem solve. Content is still being delivered but the ‘classroom’ becomes more like a laboratory or studio while nurturing the development of a CoP (Community of Practice). 

The results of flipped instruction includes more exchange of dialogue and ideas, collaboration, and learning at one's own self-controlled paced.  Perhaps most importantly it allows more time to be focused on deeper and richer learning.. Live participation in all of the webinars is important however, if participants are unable to attend they will also have access to each webinar recording and will be reqired to do their sharing within the forum.

Testing and Certification:

Certification will be based upon peer and instructor review of the application of the learnings by the participant as well as their shared reflections, learnings, and resources.

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