Foundational Community Building Course




 Foundational Community Building is a stand-alone certificate applicable to those   working or volunteering in a formal or informal community leadership role.

 It is suitable for those from a variety of sectors e.g. health, social services, economic   development, education, justice, libraries, elected officials, recreation, agricultural, arts,   co-operatives, environment, faith communities etc. who are committed to collective   impact, community transformation, and working with others to strengthen leadership   and innovation in their communities.

Upon completion of this certificate, participants will be better able to:

  • serve as a catalyst for positive community change

  • discuss solutions and frameworks for furthering community development, community building, collective impact, and comprehensive community transformation, and;

  • demonstrate personal growth as a community leader. 

Target Audience:

Volunteers, staff of government and non-profit organizations, elected officials, and business leaders who may have some responsibility for community building at a neighbourhood, or community level. It is also suitable for funders or senior leaders wanting to make community development a priority.

Learning Options and Cost:

  • 5 modules (1.5 hours each)
  • can be taken via online webinars at a cost of $50 for each webinar (testing and certification is not included) 
  • in some cases, face to face workshops may also be an option

Note: No worries if you can't make all dates as the webinars are recorded and available for you to view on your own time.

Time Commitment:

Webinars are 1.5 hours in length and run for 5 consecutive weeks. Additionally, there is a reading each week (the equivalent of a book chapter) that is required reading before each webinar (this ensures a readiness for online discussion and peer to peer learning). If a participant choses to be certified, additional time must be allotted for reviewing the practice tests provided for each module. Live participation in all of the webinars is recommended however, participants will also have access to each webinar recording.

Testing and Certification:

  • Testing is optional for all participants but it is a requirement for receiving the actual certification.
  • If participants select the testing option, they will be provided with access to a practice test after each module, but there will only be one final written test for the actual certification that is accessed online and must be completed within two weeks of the last module.
  • Testing Cost: $100.


Note: this certificate is a prerequisite for the Community Development for Practitioners Certificate..

  • CB101 Intro to Community Building
  • CB102 The Increasing Relevance and Importance of Community Development 
  • CB103 Roles and Skills of a Community Developer
  • CB104 Tools and Resources for Enhancing Community Leadership 
  • CB105 Planning Using a Community Development Approach 

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