Training FAQ's

At what time are the webinars usually held?

Generally, our webinars are held at 11AM Mountain Time (12:00CST or 1:00 EST). There is the occasional exception, so please check your registration to be sure. All times posted are generally Eastern Standard Time.

Can other people watch the webinar with me?
How do I access resource materials e.g. background readings, resources?
Do I have to be certified?
I understand the need for training related to community building and community development but why certification?
I've found a webinar I'd like to attend. When should I register for it?
I would like to cancel my registration. How do I do this? Can I get my money back?
I've registered for a webinar. How do I access it?
What am I looking at in terms of time commitments?
What if I can't make all of the live webinar times required for a Certificate?
What sort of computer do I need to participate in these webinars?
Is my information safe?

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